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5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting a Business

You’re starting on one of the most important journeys in your life, well barring child birth and marriage, starting a business is still high up there. Deciding to start a business may seem to be a difficult decision to make, but making the decision is probably going to be the easiest part of the business. Nonetheless you’ve made the leap, or seriously considering, it which is why you’re reading this book.

The following pages talk about some things I learned on my road to becoming a Serial Entrepreneur. I’ve started 7 businesses and have worked with countless others to start and grow their businesses. Consider this a beginners guide to business or a prerequisite. If you’ve ever worked on a start-up you may already know much of this information. If you’re like me when I started my first company in 2003 or the millions of other people who have never started a company this will be much needed information for you. The following are things I’ve found necessary regardless of the type of business you are starting.

2 responses

  1. Sonia

    I would just like to say this is the best start your buisness book Ive ever read. Its very informative, I plan on using everything ive learned from this book to start my buisness. Wish I would of read this book along time ago, would of made life alot easier. Kodos to the author!!

    May 28, 2012 at 7:17 PM

  2. Bernard Shreve Jr.

    You are an impressive individual; that “knows” from experience and by your “personal” education and training. It’s actually interesting that we learned from the same books and gained solid “real world” business experience the same way, so I know everyone should read your book first.

    June 24, 2012 at 1:26 PM

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