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Episode #1- “Getting Started”

Getting Started!

The Secret To Getting Ahead Is Getting Started!

Often the hardest part of starting a business is getting started.

As a new hopeful entrepreneur deciding which path to take can be frustrating.

Recently I read an article about Nzingha Stewart where she talked
about the importance of taking action as soon as a great business idea
or project comes your way and that the secret to getting ahead is
getting started.


5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Business  is filled with detailed information that will help put you on track to becoming an entrepreneur.

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Watch today’s episode to find out my suggestions on deciding what
business to start and about procrastination.

After you watch today’s broadcast join in the discussion below to talk
about your own experiences with trying to start a business.

Your Business Consigliere

Victor Adetiba

2 responses

  1. DayoKK

    What I’ve learned so far from episodes 1&2….don’t deprive a vision its execution accompanied with amply patience & wise investments. Great info BRAVO!!!!

    January 8, 2011 at 4:17 PM

  2. Starting a business is very rewarding and challenging. I was reading a book today that talked about many entrepreneurs who started their business trying to just solve simple problems they were running into in their daily lives that have now turned in to very successful companies. Below is one of the stories I ran into:

    While tinkering with his iPod, Ben Levy broke it and began searching online forums for repair sources. He discovered that many other iPod owners faced the same problem and that Apple’s warranty did not cover the repairs and the repairs were very expensive. Sensing an opportunity, Levy and his friend Aaron Vronko bought several broken iPods and taught themselves to repair them. Before long, they hired other repair workers and launched a Web site, RapidRepair. com, with $ 1,500 from their personal savings. Today, the 15- employee company, which is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, receives 500 iPods and other small electronic devices each week from all across the United States and 65 countries around the world and generates annual sales of more than $ 3 million.

    I know for me I am always looking for that big idea to be the one I pursue when really the smaller ones looking at me right in the face may be the key to my success!

    January 27, 2011 at 11:57 PM

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